As a momma to a terminally ill baby, I was (naturally) scared of everything. As the end was near, my biggest fear wasn’t him dying - I knew that was inevitable and towards the end, death meant relief from his pain which is all as a mom I wanted for my son, to be pain free. My biggest fear was that the world would keep moving even though I wanted it to stop and that one day my baby would be forgotten. It was terrifying to me to think of a world that wasn’t impacted by my miracle’s goodness and love and strength and fight. He changed my entire way of life and he was leaving me in a world that might one day not know him and I was so scared.

As we come up on his one year angel-versary, everything in me is a jumble. I am back to being the terrified woman I was a year ago, focusing on the fear that comes with one year passing. One year of him being gone, one year past his cheeks being kissed and his hand being held and his goodness being felt physically. One year of the world around me moving forward when most of me remains back on that couch with my living, breathing baby in my arms.

If there’s one thing that I know, it’s that I need to talk about him regularly. I love sharing his story. I need to share his story. To keep reminding the world that he was here and he mattered and that I was not the only one that faced a huge loss that day he left his earthly life. This world lost a beacon of light the day he died and I am determined to keep at least a little bit of that light shining.

So, as we come up on July 1, I am hoping you will join me in #ActsforAsher. The concept is simple, do something kind, no matter how big or small, for a stranger and help share Asher’s story. I have created little cards to pass along to the people you do the act for, so that the world can continue to see Asher’s sweet cheeks and feel his goodness. If you message me your address (message on social media or email actsforasher@gmail.com), I will put a card in the mail (I have plenty don’t worry!) or you are welcome to download the image below and print it yourself.

I would love to see #ActsforAsher across our communities, so please share your act @actsforAsher on Instagram or with #actsforAsher on any social media. If you aren’t the social media type, I’d love it if you sent me a quick email at actsforasher@gmail.com just to let me know what you did.



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